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Our First Blog History of Matsuko Direct

The Matsuko Switch Box range has been available for a few years, Matthias Vogt invented the product for the pond industry and brought the product to market. He then partnered with a wholesaler who brought it to the UK. The product was a small fish in a large pond and seeing the missed potential of the product, partnered with us and we formed Matsuko Direct Ltd. Our main focus is building the brand and providing support to our customers.

We are investing in research and development to bring new products to the range. We have some exciting product developments that are in the pipeline so watch this space.

We have already made some improvements to the product, including a manual override to the timer switch boxes and improving the electrical connections to make it easier to install.

Ian the managing director said “There is nothing on the market that compares to the Matsuko Switch Boxes we are leading the way and the research and development that we are investing in means we have a strong future. Our aim is to bring stylish, affordable, programmable Switch Boxes to the pond and aquarium sector. We have big plans and have products coming for the garden and pool markets as well as some interesting development in the pond sector.”

Here at Matsuko Direct Ltd we are focusing a lot of effort to support our customers and retail partners. We want people to be happy with the product and go the extra mile to help customers. We believe this level of service and our fantastic product really makes us stand head and shoulders above our competition. 

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