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Are new switch boxes are coming soon! Installer Version



At Matsuko we provide industry leading pond controlling Switch Boxes. The UK office is based in South Yorkshire to handle sales, warranties and technical questions within the EU. We are committed to affordable, stylish, high performance solutions for ponds, gardens and aquariums. We proudly design and manufacture our entire range of electrical Switch Boxes.


Matsuko has 40 years experience in design technology, allowing us to produce the most unique Switch Boxes. All of the Matsuko Switch Boxes are weatherproof, stylish, robust and safe in all outdoor environments.


Using advanced plastics and moulding we are able to deliver customers a superior quality product at affordable prices.
Our designs are simple to install and styled to complement your garden, providing ultimate control over your pond, garden and aquarium needs.


At the beginning of the year Matsuko UK was set up to provide support to UK & EU customers and retailers. We already have new products for the pond and koi market in the pipeline. Being a phone call away from our valued customers we are providing market leading customer support.